What is Aquafaba... and how do I use it? – Brett Cobley

What is Aquafaba... and how do I use it?

What is Aquafaba... and how do I use it?

The truth is you might have been pouring one of the most diverse and important vegan ingredients, down the drain. Aquafaba is the juice (or liquid) that comes in a can of chickpeas. As you will have noticed when draining chickpeas for use, aquafaba is a thick semi-clear liquid.

However, this goo is pure magic! If you add the aquafaba to a clean bowl and whisk it will begin to aerate. This means that the liquid begins to trap air and become bubbly like frothy milk or whisked egg white.

This can then be used to add to cake batter for increase air meaning lighter fluffier cakes or you can add icing sugar and create meringue.

So next time you're draining your chickpeas, for goodness sake don't pour that liquid gold down the drain. Instead, pop it in a sterilised jar and keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days. 

Golden tip!

Add cream of tartar to stabilise the whipped aquafaba and prevent the breakdown of foamy bubbles. For every 120 ml of aquafaba add ⅛ tsp of cream of tartar. This will keep more air in the aquafaba and create a better end result.